Video surveillance

Remote video surveillance services

By using modern video surveillance equipment, your property or object can be protected around the clock, without the need to employ manned security. Analytic video surveillance systems may also be useful in many other cases, for example, to supervise production processes, identify vehicle number plates or provide a pass function for specific premises. Using special technologies helps identify unwelcome guests and record thefts or attempted thefts.



Forus Security is the official distributor of Avigilon Motorola Solutions Company technological solutions since 2014, thus allowing us to offer our customers full service security solutions!

Advantages of choosing the Forus Security video surveillance services:

  • Instant detection of the reason for the alarm and response.
  • In addition to video surveillance, access control solutions may be integrated into the system, which supervise production processes, count people, recognise faces or vehicle number plates.
  • Lease and installation of video surveillance systems.


Video monitoring

Video operator at the Forus Security operational management centre responds immediately to every alarm and, having assessed the situation at the object, sends a patrol and informs the customer of the event at the object.

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Video patrolling

Video operator at the Forus Security operational management centre performs video inspections of the object at times previously agreed with the customer. At the customer’s request, during video patrolling, additional tasks agreed with the customer may be performed, informing the customer in this regard. Whereas, upon the detection of a suspicious activity or situation at the object, the video operator sends a patrol to the scene and notifies the customer immediately.


Video surveillance service in case of alarm

The operator may remotely see what happens at the object and assess the situation or event to act accordingly.

Advantages of choosing video monitoring services:

  • Time savings – video monitoring allows for operative supervision of the situation at the protected object in the case of alarm.
  • Less resources – significant decrease in numbers of false alarms for patrols and false calls to contact persons after hours.
  • You have an opportunity to receive video archive reports and recorded materials, as well as we provide the issue of video footage to law enforcement authorities upon request with the customer’s authorisation.

Upon agreement with the customer, Forus Security operators will pay additional attention to individually agreed actions and conditions at the object concerned.

Contact us and apply for video surveillance and monitoring of your object!

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