Security risk audit

Prior to commencement of the security service, Forus Security offers to conduct a security risk audit and prepare an audit report to develop the optimum security model. Security risk audit includes the identification of external and internal threats, assessment of the current security systems, assessment of security infrastructure, assessment of access control system, assessment of pass regime and other current security procedures as well as other activities providing our customers with an independent opinion on the situation on their property. Security risk audit includes recommendations and assessment. Our auditors have vast experience in the assessment of property risks both in Latvia and internationally.


Security risk audit process:

  • Conversation with the representatives of the customers, interview;
  • Onsite visit, inspection of the protected property;
  • Familiarisation with documentation, plans;
  • Preparation of audit report;
  • Presentation;
  • Audit report is the customer’s property, which can be used for the preparation of security procurement, for the commencement of cooperation with Forus Security, or to improve the current security level;
  • During the audit, Forus Security concludes NDA with the client.

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