Manned guard

Forus Security manned guard solutions are suitable for objects of all kinds. We use up-to-date technologies and professionals for our work. Our long-time experience and high evaluation of our customers prove that our security services are provided in good quality.


Benefits of choosing Forus Security manned guard:

  • Manned guard staff consists of qualified professionals with long-time experience.
  • Security guard is a valuable support in the daily care of the company’s safety.
  • Security guard will respond quickly and professionally in problematic situations and eliminate the ongoing conflicts.
  • Security guard will look after the object’s safety via technical systems.
  • Security guard directly contacts the operational management centre that will send backup to the site, where necessary.
  • Once a year, we conduct a free security risk audit and prepare an audit report.

By choosing Forus Security, you choose professionals!

Forus Security team of security officers consists of qualified security specialists with long-term experience in the security sector, that will not only perform the supervising function of the object, but also provide support and recommendations to improve security on your property!

Contact us to receive the most suitable security offer!

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Sales Manager
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