Home surveillance

With the security solutions of Forus Security, you can be sure that your home, company or other property will also be protected when nobody is around!

Benefits of choosing home surveillance services:

  • Preventive effect
    Security stickers placed clearly visible or alarm devices and cameras will make others understand that the building is under surveillance. This means that, in the case of burglary, a loud alarm will go off, and Forus patrol will arrive.
  • Remote supervision of the object
    In the case of alarm, you will be notified immediately. Depending on the selected security solution, video surveillance cameras will capture events at the object. Furthermore, Forus patrol will arrive to check the situation.
  • Water leakage monitoring and elimination of damage
    Water leaks are expensive accidents and can make both your and your neighbour’s home uninhabitable. The main thing is to respond timely and eliminate the reason for the leak!
  • Fire detection
    Fire is a huge threat not only to the building and company, but also to the lives of people present. Smoke detectors installed by us will warn of a fire breakout so you can identify and eliminate it in timely manner and protect yourself and those around you.
  • Carbon monoxide leak detection
    In the case of a leak of carbon monoxide, people may not notice it. It is very dangerous to human health and life. The carbon monoxide detector signals as soon as the presence of carbon monoxide is detected inside the building.
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How does home surveillance work?

First of all, for home surveillance to work security devices transmitting certain signals are required. When devices are in place they need to be connected to a security company for the signals to arrive at the operational management center and for the patrol to respond in case of an alarm. Choose one of the three service packages which is the most suitable just for your needs, and be sure that your property is always safe!

BasicFull serviceStandard
Alarm from the device reaches the operational management centre+++
Alarm is notified to the specified contacts, or a notification is sent.+++
Patrol responds to the alarm+
Patrol only responds in the case if a request or confirmation is received from the customer
Patrol responds as soon as the alarm has reached ”Forus Security”operational management centre
Patrol responds as soon as the alarm has reached the “Forus Security” operational management centre
No of patrol  responses  included free-of-charge in the monthly fee*021
* In the case of alarm without an obvious reason, the patrol trip is subject to a charge

Why choose Forus Security as your home surveillance provider:

  • We are a security company with long-time professional experience and satisfied customers. 
  • Our offer includes equipment and solutions for the wishes and needs of each customer.
  • We have a professional operational management centre processing more than 270 000 signals on a daily basis.
  • Our technical team will help you with the installation, maintenance and repair of the equipment.

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