Technical surveillance

Technical surveillance is the most demanded security solution, since it is suitable for objects of all kinds. You will receive the full security solution of the object which includes all the necessary equipment – sensors, sirens and remote control with alarm button. The service ensures the arrival of Forus Security patrol at the protected object in the case of burglary, fire or other emergency situations. Whereas, if there is a need to protect larger facilities – we use proven security processes and technologies that have proven their efficiency over the years at various objects and in various situations.

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Advantages of Forus Security technical surveillance:

  • Permanent connection with Forus Security operational management centre around the clock.
  • Possibility to precisely detect the reason for and origin of the alarm.
  • All the alarm signals are registered in the Forus Security database, and the customer can conveniently analyse and assess them afterwards.
  • The system can be used easily and conveniently, on the mobile application as well.
  • Support of the Forus Security security specialists at any time.

Advantages especially appreciated by our customers:

  • Saving – we install the basic package equipment for free.
  • Quality guarantee – we are confident in what we offer, therefore we provide a lifetime guarantee for the equipment we lease.
  • No commitments – our surveillance service contract with the customer does not include any commitments.

Short-term surveillance

Forus Security offers smart technology surveillance solutions, suitable also for the short-term supervision of objects. For example, for the protection of entire buildings or separate premises, construction sites or construction equipment, as well as at objects without electricity supply. Our equipment is quick and easy to install, it may be arranged at any place, in addition to convenient location change when necessary thanks to wireless technologies.


Benefits of choosing Forus Security short-term surveillance:

  • Permanent connection to the Forus Security operational management centre 24/7, including a helpline and security consultations.
  • Lease and installation of security equipment.
  • Instant arrival or patrol and inspection of the object in cases of alarm.

Operational management centre

When Forus Security operational management centre receives a message about an alarm, it responds immediately and, if necessary, sends a professional patrol!

Forus Security operational management centre – instant response to alarm!

  • We precisely detect the source of the alarm inside the building.
  • We detect the reasons for fire and other emergency alarms.
  • We identify the necessity for assistance of a medical nature.
  • Entry and exit control, reporting of security violations.
  • We capture video from the object at the moment of the alarm.

Contact Forus Security, and we will help you assess which kind of service will be most suitable for you!

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